Welcome to A Byakhee Over Bourboun Street!

This is the campaign log for my ongoing Call of Cthulhu campaign, which began in 2013 and is currently in its third season.

In Season One, the investigators were gathered at the request of an old friend on his deathbed. He asked them to correct an old wrong and banish a creature he and some friends had accidentally summoned and bound to an old farmhouse. After banishing the creature, the investigators joined forces again when strange Voodoo artifacts were found in a secret basement of a dead man’s home. This led to a horrific hunt for cannibalistic undead children which was ultimately successful, although the voodoo artifacts were stolen away from the police by the mysterious Doctor Marquis. Finally, they had to band together to stop an evil wizard who had been freed by a freak lightning storm and was wreaking vengeance on the descendants of his old enemies. While they were ultimately successful, Johnny and Lucy were both unnaturally aged by the evil Testament of Carnamagos.

Season Two opened six months later, shortly after the stock market crash of 1929. Professor Armitage asked the investigators to retrieve an important tome from a Miskatonic patron who was no longer returning calls. While exploring the borrower’s deserted mansion, they were attacked by a horrific slime monster! Mike was killed, and they burned the house down in hopes of killing the creature, then fled. Next Johnny was asked to investigate a ghost story in nearby Dunwich for the Arkham Advertiser. It turned out that the old mill was indeed haunted by a very evil demon, and the investigators once again used fire to burn the creature out. Sadly, Bugsy did not make it out of the mill alive, his madness causing him to take fatal risks.

Lastly, they investigated a pair of displaced Hungarian nobles who were hosting raucous parties that were the talk of Arkham. While they quickly determined that the “nobles” weren’t what they appeared, they gradually uncovered a connection to Attach-Nacha, which manifested tragically when one of the nobles transformed into an unholy spider monster at their final party! The investigators fled, but other brave people took it down with gunfire. Afterwards, the surviving investigators returned to check out the house …. realizing that half-spider / half-human spawn resided in the attic, they once again resorted to fire…

Season Three has opened with Johnny and Lucy heading to New Orleans, at the request of Arkham Police. They have a tip that Doctor Marquis has been sighted in the area, and want payback for the police officer he put in a coma…

A Byakhee Over Bourbon Street